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After 20+ years we have now closed our doors forever.
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Kimmel Gnomes

Kimmel Gnomes

As seen on the hit TV show 'Tree-House Masters' on Animal Planet.

No Imports, No Resin (plastic), No Faux Stone mass-produced low-quality Gnomes are sold here!
Artisan Hand-Crafted Traditional Clay Garden Gnomes

The Last Surviving Gnome Maker

Rare 19th Century Antique Reproduction Classic
Garden Gnomes and Original Designs by Sculptor
Kimmel Gnomes. Made in the Black Hills, USA

MADE IN THE USA! Garden Gnomes in Stoneware Pottery and Garden Gnome Antique Reproductions. Garden Gnomes Stoneware Pottery Original Sculptures and Antique Reproductions

Garden Gnomes are delightful Symbols of Hope, Luck, and Goodwill. Beautiful High-Fired Stoneware Pottery that will last generations, for your grandchildren to enjoy in their gardens. Go ahead, start a Gnome garden today and help keep a tradition alive for tomorrow!

Kimmel Gnomes Has Been Online And In The Same Business Location Since 2001.

Gnomes Make The Most Wonderful And Unexpected Gifts!

Every Kimmel Gnome™ is made to be treasured. Never mass produced, each special
Gnome is fired in beautiful Stoneware Pottery, then are finished by hand.

  • Beautiful And Durable Antique All Weather Glazed Finish

  • Made In The USA

  • Outdoor Safe and UV Protected

  • Where Quality, Craftsmanship, And Unequaled Customer Care Still Counts For Something

They are handmade and cast from rare 19th Century antique Gnomes, and from original sculptures by Kimmel Gnomes. We're always adding NEW Garden Gnomes into the Kimmel Gnomes website, so please check back often. To be put on our New Gnome Notification List so we can alert you when new garden gnomes are available, please send us an email.


All Kimmel Gnome's CLAY Gnomes are Glazed on the INSIDE as well! This increases our Gnomes durability against the weather, water, impacts and insects! As our most valued customers have come to expect, ONLY Kimmel Gnomes are including this extra level of protection on it's higher quality products!

'My roots are in the depths of the woods'

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